Mendel Cooper's Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide PDF

By Mendel Cooper

This can be the entire reference at the Borne back shell (bash). quantity 1Volume 2 includes all appendices.

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Echo '\' # Results in \ The behavior of \ depends on whether it is escaped, strong-quoted, weak-quoted, or appearing within command substitution or a here document. echo echo echo echo echo echo \z \\z '\z' '\\z' "\z" "\\z" echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo `echo `echo `echo `echo `echo `echo `echo `echo \z` \\z` \\\z` \\\\z` \\\\\\z` \\\\\\\z` "\z"` "\\z"` Chapter 5. Quoting # # # # # # # Simple escaping and quoting z \z \z \\z \z \z # # # # # # # # # Command substitution z z \z \z \z \\z \z \z 43 Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide # Here document cat <

The (( )) construct expands and evaluates an arithmetic expression. If the expression evaluates as zero, it returns an exit status of 1, or "false". A non-zero expression returns an exit status of 0, or "true". This is in marked contrast to using the test and [ ] constructs previously discussed. Example 7-3. /bin/bash # Arithmetic tests. # The (( ... )) construct evaluates and tests numerical expressions. # Exit status opposite from [ ... ] construct! Chapter 7. k. " # Division result < 1. # Rounded off to 0.

Setting the sticky bit adds a t to the permissions on the file or directory listing. drwxrwxrwt 7 root 1024 May 19 21:26 tmp/ If a user does not own a directory that has the sticky bit set, but has write permission in that directory, she can only delete those files that she owns in it. This keeps users from inadvertently overwriting or deleting each other's files in a publicly accessible directory, such as /tmp. ) -O you are owner of file -G group-id of file same as yours -N file modified since it was last read f1 -nt f2 file f1 is newer than f2 f1 -ot f2 file f1 is older than f2 f1 -ef f2 files f1 and f2 are hard links to the same file !

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